Welcome to Marble!

Marble is a new way to
enjoy and experience ART.
Your first step into the Metaverse!

Powered by Binaria Art and Bink


Welcome to Marble Metaverse!

In an efemerous way the history of Marble starts inside an old Ethereum mining factory bought by Group Binaria after "The Merge" but the platform found it own way to run over the Polygon Blockchain due cheapest network fees running on eco-friendly proof-of-stake. This virtual cultural center is the main place for art exhibitions provided by Binaria Contemporary Art and Bink Space with a book store and a virtual cafè lounge.

Marble runs with any device directly
from the browser.
No need to install anything!
Just start with
any operating system from
Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or iOS
Use your Metamask to claim
free ART$ token from our ATM!
It will be used for DKMTs trade :)

Binaria Art Exhibitions

Visit the exhibitions and enjoy the power of ART

Exhibitions are single view


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Equilíbrio Inverso

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Estamos Aqui

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